Will Alcohol Make a Tick Come Off a Dog?

by Tom Ryan
    Alcohol kills and preserves a tick so your vet can inspect the specimen.

    Alcohol kills and preserves a tick so your vet can inspect the specimen.

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    When a tick embeds his head in your dog's skin and starts to feed, you need to remove him as soon as possible -- the longer he's there, the greater the chances of him infecting your dog with an illness such as Lyme disease. While isopropyl alcohol may play a role in destroying the tick, by itself it will not force him to dislodge himself from his feeding spot on your dog.

    Alcohol's Role Is After

    To remove a tick from your dog's skin, you need to forcibly extricate him with a pair of tweezers or a mechanical tick remover, which you'll find at a pet supply store. Applying alcohol to the tick isn't enough to force him out of your dog's skin -- instead, you have to grab the tick with your tool of choice and yank him out. Once you've removed the tick, drop him into a jar of alcohol and seal it shut to kill the parasite. Take the tick and your dog to the veterinarian to be tested for disease.

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