Which Breed of Dog Has the Most Puppies in a Litter?

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    America's favorite, the Labrador retriever, also consistently gives birth to the largest average litters.

    America's favorite, the Labrador retriever, also consistently gives birth to the largest average litters.

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    When it comes to the numbers of puppies in a litter, size matters. Small breed dogs often have between one and four puppies in a litter, while larger breeds usually have far more pups. That makes sense, as the larger breed has more room to carry them.

    Labrador Retrievers

    According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador retriever boasts the largest number of puppies in a litter, with an average of 7.6. Perhaps that's fortunate, as they are consistently America's favorite breed. Lab litter size can meet the demand. While an individual dog might give birth to twice as many puppies in a single litter, it's the overall average that indicates the breed with the most puppies.

    World Record Holder

    As of 2013, the Guinness world record for the most puppies ever delivered in one litter belongs to Tia, a Neapolitan mastiff living in England. On Nov. 24, 2009, she gave birth to 24 puppies. The pups were delivered by Cesarean section, but four puppies didn't make it. The litter consisted of 15 males and nine females.


    Serious breeders might spend their lives trying to improve their breed of choice. However, it doesn't appear that dogs inherit the ability to produce more offspring per litter. Breeding two dogs that come from large litters doesn't mean their mating will produce an exceptional number of puppies.

    Individual Factors

    The mother's health also influences litter size. Older and obese dogs usually have smaller litters than younger dogs at a trim weight.

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