Are Bull Terriers Good Apartment Dogs?

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    Here's the face greeting you at your apartment door.

    Here's the face greeting you at your apartment door.

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    If you're an apartment dweller, whether a bull terrier makes a good match for you depends on several factors. If you're home a great deal and take your dog for regular exercise, a bull terrier can thrive in an apartment. If you're gone most of the day, that's a different story. They don't like being alone. Neighbors could complain about barking while you're away, while your landlord won't appreciate damage caused by your dog.

    Although just medium-sized, bull terriers are exceptionally strong dogs. They're quite energetic and need an outlet for that energy. Since you don't have a fenced-in yard, plan on taking your dog for at least an hour's worth of walks daily. Because some bull terriers are dog-aggressive, it's important to take your dog to obedience class, for training and socialization purposes.

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