Can a Behaviorist Help My Old Dog Adjust to a New Dog?

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A behaviorist observes a dog's behavior and diagnoses him accordingly.

A behaviorist observes a dog's behavior and diagnoses him accordingly.

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A canine behaviorist is a person certified to handle complicated dog issues, such as anxiety and aggression. A behaviorist is the ideal person to treat a dog who is acting out after a new dog has been introduced.

Creating Harmony for Your Dogs

The behaviorist will diagnose your dog or both of your dogs. It may well be the new dog with the issue and the old dog is simply reacting to the new dog’s aggression. After a diagnosis has been made, a behaviorist will then create a plan of action that should create harmony in your home. Both dogs will then be able to coexist peacefully.

Choosing a Behaviorist

A behaviorist observes a dog’s situation, digging deeper into the dog’s psychology to eliminate certain behaviors. When choosing a behaviorist, it’s important to check her credentials. You can find qualified behaviorists through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, There are also veterinarians who are board certified in animal behavior. You can find a veterinary behaviorist near you by visiting or

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