Can My Puppy Sleep in Another Room in His Crate at Night?

by Vex Morgenstern
    Crate training keeps puppies from getting into trouble.

    Crate training keeps puppies from getting into trouble.

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    Crate training is a useful way to potty-train your puppy. By giving your dog her own little den, you encourage her to stop going to the bathroom in the house because of her natural inclination not to soil her living space. Puppies should be encouraged to sleep in their crates at night. However, your puppy should not sleep in another room in her crate.

    Introducing the Crate

    To successfully crate your puppy at night, first make the crate a happy place for the puppy. Praise your dog with treats and petting whenever she goes into or comes out of the crate. Make the crate as accessible as possible during the day. Put toys and blankets inside the crate to encourage the puppy to spend time there. Leave the door open when the puppy isn't inside.

    Sleeping in the Crate

    When it's time for bed, take the puppy's crate into the bedroom with you. Letting your puppy sleep in another room in her crate at night isn't a good idea for several reasons --- first, you won't hear her if she scratches or whines to tell you she needs to go to the bathroom. Second, puppies benefit from as much social interaction as possible. Dogs are pack animals, and isolating a puppy can make it anxious and lonely. This can result in behavior problems down the line.

    Securing the Puppy

    Puppies have ways of getting into trouble. Some may escape their crates and roam the house unchecked; this is another reason you should keep the crate in your room at night. Be sure the crate has a secure latch and that you check it before bed. If your puppy whines or cries, work more on crating during the day.

    Regulating Water Intake Before Bed

    Cut off your puppy's water a few hours before bedtime. Puppies often don't know how to regulate their drinking, and if they drink right up until bedtime, you'll definitely have to take the puppy out during the night. Take the puppy out just before your bedtime to give her the best chance possible at making it through the night. If the puppy has fallen asleep before bed, wake her up to go to the bathroom.

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