Can a Pup's UKC Papers Be Voided Even After It's Sold?

by Louise Lawson

The United Kennel Club is one of the oldest dog registries in the United States. It registers thousands of dogs every year. A dog’s registration certificate, often referred to as papers, document the dog’s registered name, breed and owner of record. Owners and breeders must follow United Kennel Club rules and guidelines in order for these papers to remain valid.

Registration Process

The UKC offers a variety of registration types, including litter registration, single adult purebred registration and limited registration. Litter registration is typically accomplished by the breeder of the litter; it allows the breeder and new owner of each puppy to apply for a permanent single adult purebred registration. Limited registration is for mixed-breed dogs, or spayed or neutered purebred dogs with disqualifying faults.

Rule Violations

Any violation of the United Kennel Club’s rules is cause for a revocation investigation. Breeding a male and female of different breeds and registering them as purebred is a serious rule violation. Falsifying information on a registration application, such as gender or color, is also cause for revocation.


Any violation of the United Kennel Club’s policies must be reported to the club’s registration division. An official from the UKC will conduct an investigation into the incident to determine if a violation did occur. If the violation is proven legitimate, the dog’s papers will be revoked and the owner may be suspended from participating in future UKC events.

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