Can You See Worm Eggs in a Dog's Stool?

by Cindy Quarters
    A tapeworm can consist of up to 90 segments.

    A tapeworm can consist of up to 90 segments.

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    Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, heartworms and most of the other parasites that infect dogs have very tiny eggs, so small that they are visible only when viewed through a microscope. Tapeworms are an exception. These long, segmented worms live in your dog’s intestines, and as they mature they shed individual segments packed with eggs. The fresh segments looks like grains of rice and are easy to spot on your dog’s rear end or in his stool.

    Signs of Worms

    Even though you can’t see most kinds of worm eggs, your dog’s stool can tip you off to the presence of intestinal parasites. If roundworms are present you may spot a few that your dog has passed. Each worm looks something like a strand of spaghetti; worms may appear alone or in groups. Hookworms are so small you’re not likely to ever see them with your naked eye; but if your dog has bloody diarrhea, suspect these nasty worms. Parasites are common in dogs, so even if you don’t see any signs of problems with your pup, it’s best to have your vet test him as part of his annual health checkup.

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