How to Clean 2-Week-Old Puppies

by Jasey Kelly
    Two-week-old puppies cannot fend for themselves.

    Two-week-old puppies cannot fend for themselves.

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    Young pups, particularly those in the neonatal stage of life, depend on their mothers for everything from feeding to cleaning. At 2 weeks old, these little guys aren't able to take care of themselves and need the intervention of a caring human in the absence of their mother. Cleaning at this stage in life entails keeping their waste from hurting them and providing stimulation.

    Step 1

    Dampen a soft cloth with warm -- not hot -- water. The cloth only needs to be slightly damp, not fully damp.

    Step 2

    Rub the puppies gently from head to toe and all around their bodies with your thumb or two fingers under the cloth. This stimulates the puppies and mimics their mother's tongue and grooming style.

    Step 3

    Rub the puppies' anal region and the lower side of their abdomen with the cloth in a gentle fashion. Rubbing too hard can cause discomfort or even pain. This helps remove any leftover urine or feces, both of which could cause problems if not cleaned off the pup.

    Step 4

    Blow on the puppies' fur gently to help dry them off and then place them in a warm place. A soft blanket or towel placed over a heating pad or hot water bottle can be the ideal place for a freshly cleaned pup to relax after bathing. Chilling is a major cause of illness and even death in young puppies.

    Items You Will Need

    • Soft cloth
    • Blanket or towel
    • Heating pad or hot-water bottle


    • There is no need to clean puppies this young if their mother is present and active in their care.


    • Avoid using shampoo on puppies this young unless you get special instructions from a veterinarian.

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