How to Clean Dog Hair on a Microfiber Couch

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    Your little buddy leaves his mark in your heart and on the couch.

    Your little buddy leaves his mark in your heart and on the couch.

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    Your four-legged friend makes a great snuggle buddy, but he definitely leaves his mark on your furniture. Microfiber's durability, strength and resistance to wear make it a suitable covering for a couch in a pet-lover's home, but pet hair sticks to the material like the dickens. Before throwing in the towel on the couch or your pet, consider a few tricks to try to get rid of that pesky hair -- at least until he jumps back up there with you.

    Step 1

    Pull out your vacuum and clean the area around your couch. Then take the cushions off your couch and place them on the cleaned floor. Grab a very slightly damp washcloth and wipe the couch down to remove doggie hair. Use the hand extension on your vacuum to clean the cushions and hard-to-access parts of the couch.

    Step 2

    Grab a lint roller and roll it across the surface of your couch. This should grab the hair and lift it off the microfiber. Be patient. It may take some time and plenty of roller sheets to remove the hair from the entire couch surface.

    Step 3

    Use a rubber pet hairbrush or a rubber lint brush on your couch. Simply slide the brush across the couch surface in short strokes to pick the hair up. The rubber builds up a static charge that attracts the dog hair to it. Not only can you use these on the couch, you can use them on your pet to brush or wash him, too. When you’re done with it, simply wash it with water and soap.

    Step 4

    Clean the pet hair off your couch once a week to avoid having to deal with excessive accumulation. Brushing your dog and grooming him regularly will also help keep dog hair from accumulating on your couch.

    Items You Will Need

    • Vacuum
    • Washcloth
    • Lint roller
    • Rubber pet hairbrush or rubber lint brush


    • You may want to look into buying a pet cover for your microfiber couch. Pet hair and body oils stick to microfiber like glue. You might be able to find one that is the same color as you couch or one that matches your d├ęcor. You can periodically remove such a cover from the couch and machine-wash it to remove hair and dirt. Even after a machine wash, though, you may still need to follow up with a lint roller or rubber pet hair tool.

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