What Are the Colors of a Basset?

by Whitney Lowell
    Tricolor coats are common on the basset hound.

    Tricolor coats are common on the basset hound.

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    A black lab is going to have a black coat, and a golden retriever is going to have a golden coat. But basset hounds can have many color combinations. According to the American Kennel Club, any hound color is accepted and any markings may be accepted as the breed standard. Tricolor and bicolor coat combinations are most common in basset hounds.

    Tricolor Basset Hound

    A tricolor coat is a combination of three colors. The most common combination is black, white and brown; tan or red may replace the brown in some individuals. Although blue is rare in basset hounds, blue, tan and white is another tricolor combination.

    Bicolor Basset Hound

    A bicolor coat is a combination of two colors. White with black, mahogany, red, brown or tan are common bicolor combinations. White with blue or lemon color combinations are just as common. Some bassets may not have any white and can be combinations of black and brown.

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