Does Cystitis Cause Uncontrollable Peeing in Dogs?

by Catherine Lovering
    Changes in urination can indicate infection in canines.

    Changes in urination can indicate infection in canines.

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    Cystitis is an inflammation in a dog's bladder. It can have many causes. Signs of cystitis include differences in urination patterns and the appearance of urine -- but peeing uncontrollably is generally not a result of cystitis. If your canine family member is peeing uncontrollably and you are not sure why, get in contact with your vet to discover the cause.

    Cystitis and Urination

    Cystitis can cause blood in the urine; this is one of the most frequent clinical signs of the condition. Affected dogs will squat and strain to produce only a little bit of pee and may dribble in several locations rather than in one spot. Their urination may be more frequent than before they had the infection. Cystitis can be caused by bacterial infection, bladder stones, tumors or polyps, or have no distinct cause.

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