What Are the Dangers of Rawhide Chew Sticks?

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    Let him chew on his treat only when you are there to supervise.

    Let him chew on his treat only when you are there to supervise.

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    You strive to be the best dog owner around, so you pick him up a rawhide chew sticks. While you may think you’re doing something nice for your pooch, you need to be aware of certain dangers.


    Chew sticks are long and narrow. If Bandit gnaws his way through the middle, he’s left with two smaller pieces. He could wind up swallowing one of those sections -- and potentially choking -- if he’s overly excited about devouring his treat.


    Even if a big chunk of rawhide manages to make it down Bandit’s esophagus safely, it can swell up in his belly or intestinal tract. In the worst-case scenario, he’ll suffer from a blockage and not be able to go to the bathroom. Your vet could have to get your pooch in for surgery right away to remove the obstruction.


    Rawhide chew sticks are made of dried up animal skins, which undergo a lot of processing to remove any animal hair. The use of chemical treatments, like hydrogen peroxide and sodium sulphide, can potentially be harmful for your pooch in large doses if he eats chew sticks regularly.

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