Differences Between Cockapoos & Cockadoodles

by Axl J. Amistaadt
Cockapoos may look and act like either or both parents.

Cockapoos may look and act like either or both parents.

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The cockapoo is a hybrid dog with several aliases, such as cockadoodle, cockerpoo and spoodle. Thus there are no differences between a cockapoo and a cockadoodle. These native Americans are the planned offspring from intentionally crossing a poodle with a cocker spaniel.


Because they’re considered mixed breed dogs, all major national dog breed studbooks deny registration to cockapoos. Still, several breed clubs in the United States work to establish standards and promote the cockapoo as a legitimate breed. Purebred ancestry must be documented and traceable in each parent. The offspring will have any random combination of characteristics from either or both parents.

Designer Dogs

“Designer dogs” such as cockapoos are hybrids created by breeding two purebred parents of different breeds. The difference between designer dogs and mutts is the traceable history of one and the uncertain ancestry of the other.

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