Does the Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser Work?

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    Pheromones help Fido to de-stress.

    Pheromones help Fido to de-stress.

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    Dog-appeasing pheromone products or DAPs are synthetic versions of a nursing mother dog's pheromones. Synthetic pheromones are liquids, available as sprays or with automatic diffusers. When plugged into an electrical outlet, a diffuser heats the pheromones, dispersing their scent into your home. The pheromone calms some dogs regardless of age.


    Dog-appeasing pheromone diffusers help to calm some but not all dogs who experience separation anxiety, who bark excessively, who exhibit destructive behavior or who tend to be stressed and anxious. A study published in the April 2010 "Canadian Veterinary Journal" found that hospitalized dogs exposed to DAPs exhibited less stress-related behaviors than dogs who weren't. These pups generally experienced a reduction in inappropriate elimination, excessive licking and pacing, along with an improvement in their waning appetites.


    Plug a DAP diffuser into an electrical outlet near the area where your dog spends most of his time so he can regularly smell it. Change the pheromone refill bottle monthly. If the pheromones work for your dog, you may not notice their effects until after one month of use, according to the DAP Diffuser website. The pheromone diffuser is not a drug; it won't interact with medications your pup is taking. While pheromones work to alleviate stress-related behaviors, they aren't effective in dealing with aggression, WebMD says.

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