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    Shower your dog with affection during a bath.

    Shower your dog with affection during a bath.

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    Some dogs happily jump in the tub for bath time and others run at the sound of water. You could bring your dog to the groomers and let them deal with the dust, but why not just change the way your pup views getting clean? Make bath time fun with a few simple games and tricks.

    Come with Cookies

    Bring treats to the tub. Whether your pooch is in a bath tub or outside in a basin, make sure you have his favorite treats available. Let him please you by obeying commands, such as sit or lay down. This distracts your dog and puts him in a submissive, calm manner to begin with. Instead of giving one treat, give a few. The goal is to get his mind off the faucet and into the fun.

    Toss in a Toy

    When the weather turns warm, bathe your dog out on the lawn. Tie his leash to a sturdy object. Place a slab of peanut butter across a sturdy, knotted rope or add a treat to his favorite Kong-style toy to encourage him to lie down. While he's concentrating on freeing the peanut butter from the roof of his mouth, you can wash his back, legs and head easily. To get him to stand, place a bunch of small treats on the ground in a circle around him. He'll rotate around to pick up the goods while you wash his belly and inside legs quickly.

    Give Him a Drink

    When in the bath tub, let the water trickle. If your dog is emotionally stimulated, he's likely to go for a sip. Play a little game of hide-and-seek by turning the faucet on and off. Your pup is sure to wonder where the water went. This is especially good for a Portuguese water dog, Irish water spaniel or Labrador retriever, who love the sight, feel and sound of water.

    Where Did it Go?

    When washing your pooch outside without a basin, challenge him with the bucket game during the final rinse or while you spray on his conditioner. Place a dog treat or a desirable toy under one of three buckets placed next to each other. Allow the dog to see it. Turn the dog away for a few seconds and tell him to find it.

    Dryer Beware

    When bath time is over, drape a large towel over his back. Throw another towel over his head and watch as he tries to get it off. When he does, reward him with a treat. Do this a few times. Another option is to use a blow dryer. Some dogs love the blow dryer, as long as you stay away from the face, eyes and ears. The monotonous sound may be relaxing and actually can drown out other sounds that are more appealing ... like children playing in another room.

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