How to Help a Dog With a Nonserious Wound

by Tom Ryan
    Even seemingly innocuous wounds deserve veterinary attention.

    Even seemingly innocuous wounds deserve veterinary attention.

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    No matter whether a dog's wound seems serious at first, the best thing you can do is contact a veterinarian. Your vet can help you understand how serious the wound may be as well as give you professional advice on the best way to treat it. Treating a nonserious wound on a dog is typically a matter of stopping any bleeding and dressing the site, though your vet may make more specific recommendations.

    Your Vet's Advice

    Gently clean a dog's wound with water. Do not administer topical medications unless a veterinarian recommends it. Your vet will instruct you on properly cleaning the wound and applying pressure to stop any bleeding, as well as how to dress the wound to avoid infection or irritation. Depending on how your dog was wounded, he may need to see the vet even if the wound doesn't appear serious. A laceration caused by a sharp piece of rusty metal, for example, can lead to tetanus even if the bleeding isn't severe.

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