How to Get Your Dog to Stay Calm When You Kiss Your Spouse

by Chris Miksen
    "Don't you dare take your hands off me and start kissing each other."

    "Don't you dare take your hands off me and start kissing each other."

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    When you give your spouse a smooch on the lips, your pup can't possibly let such an act of affection pass without a word, or woof, from him. Sometimes those barks turn into jumps and headbutts, and your kissy time may be short lived. Training your pup to remain calm calls for a little work from both you and your spouse.

    Step 1

    Give your pup attention together. Imagine if you're the only one feeding your pup, talking him for walks, petting him and teaching him obedience. He's naturally going to form a much tighter bond with you than your spouse. If she comes into a room or sits on the couch and you shift your attention from your pup to your spouse, your dog immediately thinks of her in a negative light. He thinks she doesn't do anything for him and you quit paying attention to him when she's around.

    Step 2

    Walk up to your spouse but don't touch her. Just stand about a foot away and call your pup over. The second he bowls on through and sees you two standing next to one another, toss him a treat. By now your pup should be associating your spouse with something more positive, and the treat reinforces that positive association. Instead of looking at her as someone who does nothing for him and just steals your attention, she's the reason he eats, gets exercise and plays, and now treats even fall out of the sky when she's around.

    Step 3

    Give your spouse a quick hug and pull back. If your dog didn't throw a fit, throw him a treat and give him praise. If he reacted negatively, tone it down. Don't lean in as far for the hug, pull back more quickly or just give your spouse a tap on the shoulder. Your aim is to initiate physical contact without having your pup lose his mind. Keep doing this until your pup stands there patiently while you embrace your spouse. No kissing yet!

    Step 4

    Go in for a peck, but be quick about it. Just a quick smooch, and then pull back and reward your pup for being such a good boy about it. If he's not a good boy about it, ignore him and try again but pull back a bit faster.

    Step 5

    Up the ante as your little guy remains well-behaved, until you're kissing your spouse like normal. Remember to ignore any bad behavior. Don't say even a word.

    An Item You Will Need

    • Treats


    • If you're having a romantic night with your spouse, try giving your pup a treat dispenser or a new bone to gnaw on.
    • You may find your dog only acts out if you make eye contact with him while kissing or hugging your wife. This is still not acceptable behavior. Just follow the same steps to stop your ill-mannered pup from misbehaving, except make eye contact during each step.
    • Sometimes a change in your pup's daily regimen can spark his jealous behavior. This usually isn't the case if he's only misbehaving when you kiss your spouse, but it's a possibility. For instance, if you aren't playing with him as much, you moved to a new house or he isn't going for as many walks, he may respond with behavior that resembles jealousy.


    • Never smack your dog on the nose, yell at him or knee him out of the way. Doing so can actually worsen his behavior, and it may lead to a fearful pup.

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