How to Get Your Dog to Stop Sniffing Crotches

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    Don't allow your dog to greet people the way he greets other dogs.

    Don't allow your dog to greet people the way he greets other dogs.

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    When your dog meets another dog, you might notice them sniffing each other's rear end. Although this might seem like a yucky habit, in doggie world this is normal greeting behavior. Your pet companion's sense of smell is much better than yours and can help him explore and pick up a lot of information. When your dog's nose gravitates toward the crotches of people he meets, it can be embarrassing to say the least. To get him to stop the unwanted sniffing, stop him in his tracks and redirect his attention.

    Step 1

    Leash your dog and arm yourself with dog treats.

    Step 2

    Tell a friend to come over to your house and, before he enters the door, tell your dog to "sit" and "stay." Rather than facing the door, have your pet companion face you or place him in his dog bed or crate. Give him a treat when he obeys and wait for your friend to come in.

    Step 3

    Greet your friend and walk him over to a couch or chair. Watch your pet companion closely. If he gets up to walk to your friend, firmly tell him "sit" and "stay." Reward him when he listens and go entertain your friend. If your dog manages to sniff your friend's crotch, jerk the leash sideways and say "leave it." When your dog stops sniffing, tell him "sit," or walk him back to his crate or bed and reward him when he gets comfortable.

    Step 4

    Stay consistent and tell your dog to "sit" and "stay" each time he gets up. Have other friends come over and repeat the same training method. Practice in public places and correct your pet companion each time he gets tempted to sniff. Over time, he'll understand that you want him to stay put and not sniff crotches.

    Items You Will Need

    • Leash
    • Dog treats
    • Crate or dog bed


    • If your dog sniffs your crotch, say "leave it," and step forward so he's forced to move back and stop sniffing. Tell him "sit" and reward him for listening.
    • Give your dog a food-stuffed toy each time visitors come over. The toy distracts him and keeps him busy so he might not even think about sniffing crotches.


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