Does Dog Urine Deter Mice?

by Whitney Lowell
    Mice will avoid areas where they think a predator exists.

    Mice will avoid areas where they think a predator exists.

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    Mice can be quite troublesome. They will find a small hole and get inside your home in no time; if they can't find a hole, they will make one. Because wild mice carry diseases and pathogens, you don't want them in your home or around your pets. Cat, snake and other animal urine works to repel them better than dog urine does.

    Repel Mice With Urine

    Mice have a super-sensitive sense of smell, and if they think predators are around, they will not come near. If you have a cat, raid the litter box for clumps of cat urine to place around your home, or if you have a snake, collect its feces and urate.

    Dog Urine

    If you don't have a cat or a snake, you can try collecting your dog's urine to deter mice. When it comes to rodents, dogs can be just as fierce predators as cats, so dig up a patch of grass where your dog has urinated and place it around the corners and edges of your home. You will have to replace it frequently, as the weather will definitely wash out the urine. Dog urine doesn't seem to work as well as cat, snake or even fox urine, but it is worth a try.

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