Dogs between 20 and 60 Pounds That Are Calm

by Elton Dunn
Bassets require minimal grooming and have relatively low energy levels.

Bassets require minimal grooming and have relatively low energy levels.

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Calm small to medium-sized dogs make nice pets for people in all kinds of circumstances, whether it's apartment or country living, an elderly person or a young family. Some medium-sized breeds are particularly known for being mellow and undemanding of their owners. While calm demeanor varies by individual, puppies will be more frisky than the adult dogs.

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are mellow, easy-going dogs, and often make wonderful, calm companions. Basset hounds often are a good match for seniors and folks with low mobility. Bassets enjoy light exercise, and generally prefer a leisurely pace. Spend time at home petting your Basset, or keep him busy with chew toys. Basset hounds average 60 pounds in weight.

English Bulldog

Like the Basset, the English bulldog is not a highly active breed. His relaxed attitude means he'll enjoy lazing on the sofa while you're at work. These dogs can overheat easily in the summer because of their short faces, and they require shade to stay cool. English bulldogs generally weigh 45 to 55 pounds.

French Bulldog

Smaller than his English cousin but with a similar temperament, the French bulldog adult is generally calm and quiet. French bulldog pups tend to be playful and frisky, but will outgrow this puppy behavior. These dogs typically weigh around 20 pounds. On a safety note, the squat body type and heavy head of the Frenchie mean that most of these dogs cannot swim. If you have a backyard pool, keep your Frenchie away from it.

Sealyham Terrier

The white-coated Sealyham terrier tends to be more inquisitive than some of the mellow breeds, but they are nonetheless good, calm dogs. They have earned a reputation as one of the few relaxed and undemanding terrier breeds. These terriers need modest exercise. They enjoy longer walks, or yards that allow them space to run. Sealyham terriers average 24 pounds in weight.

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