Fabric Suitable to Make Dog Coats

by Bridget Johnson
    Many dogs welcome and benefit from a warm coat in cool weather.tures.

    Many dogs welcome and benefit from a warm coat in cool weather.tures.

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    The wind's howling outside and you don't want your pup to be shivering. If you're trying your hand at making a coat to keep your dog cozy, take into account factors including the level of warmth needed, freedom of movement, and the dog's skin sensitivity to determine an ideal material.

    Coat Fabrics

    At retail you can find down-filled vests and puffers; a good choice for a homemade dog coat is polar fleece with a little bit of stretch for comfortable warmth. You can easily cut and style it to fit over your dog's body and attach underneath the body and neck with Velcro. For an extra shield from snow and rain, add a layer of nylon or other water-resistant material to the exterior of a coat lined with plush fleece. Wool may seem like a good, warm choice for a dog coat, but it can irritate pups with sensitive skin. Try sweatshirt material for an inexpensive pullover that your dog can wear inside and outside. It's important to make sure a coat is form-fitting enough that your dog can move normally and doesn't risk tripping on loose fabric, yet is relaxed enough around the neck and chest that the garment doesn't cause discomfort.

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