Glucosamine Gravy for Dogs

by Jo Chester

    Arthritic dogs benefit from taking glucosamine, a supplement made from crustacean shells. Not every dog likes taking glucosamine in tablet or pill form, however. Various forms of liquid glucosamine, including glucosamine gravy, make it easier for these dogs to benefit from this valuable supplement.

    Arthritis in Dogs

    As animals age, the naturally occurring fluid that lubricates the joints diminishes. This process results in osteoarthritis, a painful degenerative joint disease that gradually immobilizes the dog.

    Benefits of Glucosamine

    Introducing glucosamine to a dog's diet can result in the restoration of lubricating fluid in the dog's joints. Pain management and improved range of motion may occur in as soon as two weeks. Unlike some pain medications, glucosamine has few side effects.

    Forms of Glucosamine

    Glucosamine can be derived from both natural and synthetic sources. The synthetic form is available in tablet or liquid form by prescription only, but a natural form is available in a wide variety of formulations.

    Benefits of Liquid Glucosamine

    According to, two benefits of liquid glucosamine are that it can be poured directly over a dog's food and it is palatable to most dogs.

    Glucosamine Gravy

    Glucosamine gravy is not only palatable, but it also has an attractive appearance. Gravy supplements may be measured by pouring a certain quantity over the food or by other forms of delivery, such as pumping, squirting or measuring it by spoonfuls.

    About the Author

    Jo Chester holds a certificate in pet dog training from Triple Crown Academy for Dog Trainers. She has trained dogs for competition in conformation, Rally and traditional obedience and agility. Chester has two goats, chickens, rabbits, a collie and a pet rat, in addition to several much-loved Toy Fox Terriers.

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