Headstones for Dogs

by Mandy Slake

    When your faithful canine friend is laid to rest, you may want to mark its passing with a headstone. Headstones for pets are available in a wide variety of styles and materials, from resin to natural stone. You can have them customized with your pet's name, dates, personalized quotes and even a picture. Dog headstones can be purchased over the Internet or from local businesses that make headstones. If you plan on burying your pet in a pet cemetery, ask about any requirements it may have before you buy the stone.

    Engraved Markers

    These types of headstones are similar to the ones made for human graves, only smaller. They can be horizontal or vertical. They are usually made from stone such as granite or marble, with an engraved metal plate attached to the front or top. The plate can be customized with the pet's picture, name and other information. Some also have the option of using a photograph.

    Engraved Stones

    These are natural stones that go through an engraving process. Instead of engraving the words on a metal plate, the words are engraved into the rock itself. The size of the rock determines how much information you can put on it. River rocks, flat pieces of slate and irregular stones are all options. Some headstone manufacturers allow you to use custom artwork. Check with the manufacturer to see what options it offers.

    Cast Stones

    These look similar to natural stones, but they are made of plastic or cast material such as concrete. Because they are mass produced, this type of headstone is less expensive than the other types. The downside is you have fewer options for customization. Some have slots for a photograph or paper with words, but the shape of the headstone and what is written on it can't be personalized. You can find them at pet stores and on the Internet.

    Memorial Statues

    Memorial statues can be made from concrete, bronze, resin or carved stone. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, breeds and styles. Some also double as an urn for holding your pet's cremated remains. Customization options also vary widely. Some have engraved plaques, others are carved and some are made to attach to a flat headstone with your pet's information on them. You can find smaller statues on the Internet. For larger, heavier statues, ask your local pet cemetery for local providers.

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