Homemade Dog Bath Wipes

by Amanda Maddox
    With a few items, you can create your own dog wipes.

    With a few items, you can create your own dog wipes.

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    Taking care of your dog includes keeping him clean. Since washing him too often may strip the natural oils from his skin and cause itching or hair loss, keep a box of homemade dog bath wipes nearby. They come in handy to wash his feet before coming inside or remove dirt and debris picked up while playing outside. Additionally, the natural ingredients help keep harmful fungus and bacteria at bay.

    Step 1

    Separate the paper towels and fold them into rectangles. Make sure they fit into the container with a lid. If they are too large, fold them over again then place them in the container.

    Step 2

    Pour two cups of hot water into the medium-sized mixing bowl. Tap water is fine for most dogs. If your dog has sensitive skin, consider using distilled water.

    Step 3

    Add 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel into the mixing bowl with water. Aloe vera helps fight bacteria and fungus on your dog’s skin.

    Step 4

    Break open one vitamin E capsule and pour the liquid into the mixture. Mix all ingredients together with a wire whisk for approximately one minute.

    Step 5

    Add two drops of tea tree oil to the mixture. It gives the mixture a clean scent and helps repel fleas and ticks.

    Step 6

    Pour the mixture over the paper towels in the container and secure the lid. Turn the box over and wet all of the towels inside.

    Items You Will Need

    • Paper towels
    • Container with lid
    • Measuring cup
    • 1/4 Cup Aloe Vera gel
    • 1 Vitamin E capsule
    • 2 drops tea tree oil
    • Medium mixing bowl
    • Wire whisk


    • To keep your wipes fresh and moist, always seal the lid on the container and store the container inside a zip-lock bag.

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