How to Keep a Neighbor's Dog Away From Your Yard

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    Whatever he thinks, it is not his yard.

    Whatever he thinks, it is not his yard.

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    If your neighbor’s dog views your yard as an integral part of his territory, you might be a lot less than delighted at his constant visits. Uninvited canine guests disturb your own pets, frighten away the local wildlife and often leave revolting gifts. You might just not like a strange dog traipsing around as through he owns the place. Of course, the dog is your neighbor’s responsibility, not yours, so the first step is to speak to your neighbor, asking her to keep her dog on her property. In the meantime there are a few tricks to keep unwanted dogs away. These will also keep away wild canines, such as coyotes and foxes.

    Step 1

    Take photographs, both of the dog entering your yard and of the messes he leaves behind. These may come in useful later on if you need to prove to your neighbor, or legally, that the dog was entering your property.

    Step 2

    Remove the dog messes with a plastic scoop and bucket and hose the area clean to remove the smell. A lingering stench suggests to a dog that this is an appropriate spot for his toilet. Also hose any places where he has urinated. Some people might advocate giving the bucket of feces to your neighbor, but be careful. An angry confrontation with an aggressive neighbor might not do you much good, or lead to an amicable solution to the dog problem. It is generally a better tactic to securely dispose of the waste in one or more trash bags. Wash your hands thoroughly afterward; dog feces are not just revolting, they are also a health hazard.

    Step 3

    Remove items that might be encouraging dogs to visit your yard, such as food for your own pets or uncovered trash. If you have pets, especially smaller animals such as guinea pigs, cats or rabbits, bring them inside, and if applicable, supervise their outdoor excursions.

    Step 4

    Fill a large water pistol with cold water and squirt your neighbor’s dog whenever he pays a visit. Yelling or banging pots may also scare him off, at least briefly.

    Step 5

    Distribute animal repellents, such as cayenne pepper or commercial preparations, around the perimeter of your yard. Repellents for coyotes or foxes should also be unpleasant to pet dogs.

    Step 6

    Install a motion sensitive sprinkler and test it to make sure that it goes off when something the size of a dog goes past. This may startle a dog enough to make him go elsewhere.

    Items You Will Need

    • Camera
    • Plastic shovel and bucket
    • Trash bags
    • Water pistol
    • Cayenne pepper
    • Motion sensitive sprinkler


    • If all else fails, the only surefire way to keep a dog in or out of a yard is a high, dog-proof fence. However, this is your neighbor’s responsibility, not yours. Unless you need to keep out other animals as well, or have your own dog, ask your neighbor to put up a fence if she wants her dog to have unsupervised outdoor access.

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