How Long Does a Dog Spot After Birth?

by Tom Ryan
    The vet can determine if the spotting is because of a uterine infection.

    The vet can determine if the spotting is because of a uterine infection.

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    Your dog's birthing process isn't necessarily over once all of the puppies are out. She may continue to spot for days or even weeks after giving birth, so keep a careful eye on her. Monitoring the type of discharge she expels can help you determine whether her spotting is normal or indicative of a serious condition that merits veterinary attention.

    Weeks of Spotting

    After giving birth to her pups, your dog may expel a vaginal discharge for four to eight weeks, leaving spots and stains behind. While this is generally a normal part of birthing, the quality of the discharge may indicate a health problem. Typically, the discharge should be dark red or brownish green. If it develops a more distinct, bright red color, a thick and pussy consistency or a pungent odor, it may be a sign of infection or retained placentas that weren't expelled during birth. If you're concerned about your dog's spotting, seek veterinary attention as soon as possible.

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