How to Make a Puppy Stop Jumping, Biting & Pulling on Clothes When Walking

by Amy Hunter
    Puppies swing quickly between docile and playful.

    Puppies swing quickly between docile and playful.

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    Puppies who jump at you while you're walking, pulling at your clothes and getting under your feet are just trying to play, but the behavior can be irritating and even dangerous. Puppies have a tendency to view things as a game, and the sight of your feet moving in front of him, perhaps with a bit of pant leg flapping, is enough to send him on the chase. Even though the behavior may seem cute, it's important to teach him not to do it, as he can end up tripping you, which can injure you both.

    Step 1

    Stop what you are doing. Don't jerk your clothing out of his mouth or pull away, simply stop moving all together. You will be much less interesting when you're not in motion.

    Step 2

    Give a firm "no." Look down at your puppy when you do so, and use a firm, but calm, voice. Don't yell; a firm, low tone should do the trick.

    Step 3

    Continue walking, but be ready to stop the instant your puppy pounces again. When you stand still and tell your pup "no," he will quickly lose interest in attacking your legs. Once he lets go, start walking again. If he dives for your pant leg, repeat the process.


    • Make sure your puppy gets plenty of exercise. He may be inventing this game of chase to burn off excess energy and because he wants attention.
    • Resist the urge to stomp around and let him bite and attack your feet for play sometimes, because he will not be able to tell the difference between when the game is permitted and when it's not.
    • It will take several repetitions over multiple days for your puppy to learn this behavior is unacceptable. Be patient; with persistence, he will understand what you expect.

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