What Does It Mean When Dogs Snuggle With You?

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    "I thought you were never coming home! Don't ever let me go!"

    "I thought you were never coming home! Don't ever let me go!"

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    Whether you enjoy your evening cuddle time with Buster or are always trying to push him off you, one thing is for certain: your dog is truly bonded with you. He nestles right up to you, sticks his head on the pillow and paws at your hand until you put the blanket over him. Buster realizes that he is not merely a dog, but also a beloved member of your family. Of course he wants to be as close to you as possible.

    He Adores You

    It’s just that simple. You’ve been away at the office for 10 hours straight—that’s a lifetime in doggie hours. Unfortunately your busy day doesn’t stop just because you’re home. You have bills to pay, dinner to make, kids to pick up, laundry to do—the list is endless. Even though you’re home, Buster still isn’t getting the attention he craves. Your furry friend adores you and snuggles with you at night to spend quality one-on-one time with you for as long as possible before you head out the door again.

    He’s Happy

    You know how giddy you get when your significant other walks in the door. Buster gets the same way. You make him happy and he wants to spend time with you. His happiness is all in his tail. A 2007 study conducted by Italian researchers at the University of Trieste and published in the journal “Current Biology” looked into how to read a dog’s tail wag. Researchers observed that dogs who wag their tails more to the right side are feeling upbeat about their current situation and the person nearby, which is you. Watch Buster the next time he snuggles up with you. He’ll jump up on the bed, crawl towards you and probably flap his tail to the right. You make him exceptionally happy.

    He's Cold

    Buster’s bed is downstairs in the family room. It’s great when the whole family is home and the fire is crackling. He stays toasty and cozy. But at night his favorite sleeping spot is lonely and drafty. You may not realize it, but you’re like one big heater in Buster’s eyes. Just as you like to snuggle up next to your other half on a cold winter’s night, Buster likes to do the same thing to stay warm. Not only does he get the perk of being right next to you, but he also gets to drift off into dreamland while staying perfectly toasty.

    It’s in His Blood

    Some dogs are just naturally snuggly and cuddly. It’s in their DNA to be glued to you at all times. Although he surely loves you as well, he’s genetically prone to be a little clingy. If you look forward to spending your nights curled up with your canine, adopt a dog with cuddle genes. Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Lhasa apsos, Maltese pups, Pomeranians, shih tzus, poodles and pugs are just a few of the breeds that tend to be clingier than others, according to Animal Planet.

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