Does Microchipping Leave Pain or Soreness?

by Lauren Corona
    A microchip can help your dog be returned to you if he gets lost.

    A microchip can help your dog be returned to you if he gets lost.

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    It's a good idea to get your dog microchipped to increase the likelihood he'll be returned, should he get lost. The microchip is encoded with your contact information, so if your pup is turned into a veterinary surgery or shelter, they can scan his chip and contact you. As long as the chip is implanted by a veterinarian or other trained professional, it should cause your furry friend very little pain.

    Does it Hurt?

    Microchips are inserted using a needle. It is a fairly large needle, so there will be some pain, but no more than when your dog has his jabs or has some blood drawn. Just like when you have an injection, it can be slightly sore for a couple of hours afterwards, but not significantly so. Just give your pup plenty of love and attention and he'll soon forget it ever happened. If your dog is going in for a procedure where he needs to be anaesthetized -- such as being neutered -- you can have him microchipped at the same time to save him any additional discomfort.

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