Nerdy Names for Dogs

by Whitney Lowell
    Some dogs just seem to inspire nerdy names.

    Some dogs just seem to inspire nerdy names.

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    Picking out a pet name can be the hardest decision you may make with your new dog, besides basic health choices like when to spay or neuter, but you can make it fun. This name will be the name you call your dog with for a long time to come.

    Choosing a Nerdy Dog Name

    You have many options if you want a nerdy name for your dog. You can choose from comic book characters, cartoons, movies and television shows. You can also name your dog after computer-related hardware, programs, systems or concepts, or you may want to consider famous scientists to name your dog after.


    A few nerdy names related to computers may include Pixel, Wi-Fi, Linux, Mac or Siri. Darwin (like Charles) and Marie (like Curie) are great names if you want to name your dog after a scientist. Sheldon, Spock, Jedi, Smeagol and Bartemius (Barty for short) are cute nerdy names from that originate from various entertainment sources. If you want to name your dog after a comic book character, consider Thor, Athena, Astro (Boy), Harley Quinn or even Krypto (the Super-Dog).

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