Organic Oatmeal Shampoos for Dogs

by Maggie Bradburn
    Help soothe his skin in the bath with the right product.

    Help soothe his skin in the bath with the right product.

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    It's important to choose the right shampoo to keep your dog's skin healthy and clean, and to keep his coat shiny. For dogs with sensitive or irritated skin, or dogs who suffer from allergies, an organic oatmeal shampoo may be just right to keep your dog clean and soothe his skin.


    Organic oatmeal shampoos make a dog's coat soft and shiny. What's more, dogs with irritated, sensitive skin are at risk for developing infections due to an overgrowth of either yeast or bacteria, and these shampoos can soothe the irritated skin that is prone to those infections. Further, organic oatmeal shampoos are mild, which is perfect for dogs with skin allergies. If a dog's skin is already irritated, organic oatmeal shampoos are calming and provide anti-itch and anti-inflammatory benefits.

    What to Look for

    The first thing to look for when selecting an organic oatmeal shampoo for your dog is a seal that indicates the product is, in fact, organic. Terms like "all-natural" or "natural ingredients" do not mean the same thing as organic, so don't rely on those claims. Look for products that have additional healthy ingredients like vitamins A and E or aloe. Also, try to choose a product with a short ingredient list: that means fewer additives to potentially irritate your dog's skin.

    What to Avoid

    Not all organic oatmeal shampoos deliver the same benefits. Read labels carefully. When shopping for a shampoo, skip products that include perfumes or dyes. These ingredients can cause skin irritation, negating the beneficial effects of the oatmeal. Further, look for products that are free of synthetic ingredients. Most organic products do not contain synthetics; however, check the product label to ensure that is the case. Avoid products with long chemical names in the ingredient list.


    Not all dogs will respond the same way to the same products. If you have a dog with sensitive or irritated skin, you may have to try several organic oatmeal shampoos before you find the one with the right combination of ingredients for your dog. If you're suspect your dog's sensitivity may be caused by an infection or an overgrowth of yeast, consult your veterinarian before using an organic oatmeal shampoo or any other products.

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