What Does Paragard Shampoo Treat in Dogs?

by Cindy Quarters
    Medicated shampoos can treat multiple skin problems.

    Medicated shampoos can treat multiple skin problems.

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    Paragard is a therapeutic shampoo that treats several skin conditions in dogs, including ringworm, other fungal infections and bacterial infections. It contains both captan, which is a fungicide, and sulfur, which kills bacteria.


    Soak your pet well and apply Paragard to his coat. Rub it in well and work up a lather. Rinse the shampoo out completely and lather your dog again. Work the Paragard into his coat and focus on getting it so that it is touching his skin in all the areas that are irritated or have lesions. Allow the shampoo to sit for between five and 10 minutes. Rinse again thoroughly, removing all traces of Paragard, and dry.


    Paragard shampoo is safe to use on cats and horses with bacterial or fungal skin problems, too. Pets who show increased skin irritation or that don’t respond to this treatment may require additional help and should be taken to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

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