Are Peace Lily Plants Safe for Dogs?

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    Peace lilies are poisonous to dogs and cats.

    Peace lilies are poisonous to dogs and cats.

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    The beautiful and easy-to-care-for peace lily is a common household plant belonging to the same family as caladiums and philodendron. The peace lily makes a good houseplant, but not in a home with dogs. This so-called peace plant will wage war on your dog if he chows down on it.


    The primary toxins in peace lilies are calcium oxalate crystals. The crystals are in bundles called raphides contained in the cells of the plant. When your dog chews, the bundles break up, releasing the crystals. These crystals, similar to tiny needles, can become embedded in your dog’s mouth, tongue, throat and stomach. Peace lilies also contain an enzyme called proteinase, which can cause inflammation and pain.


    If your dog ingests any part of a peace lily, symptoms can occur immediately or can take as long as two hours to appear. It will cause mouth irritation, causing pain and swelling. Swallowing will become difficult, and he will drool excessively and throw up. The more he eats, the more severe symptoms become. In larger doses, difficulty breathing, renal failure, a coma or death can occur. However, due to the plant's unpleasant taste, it’s unlikely your dog would eat large enough quantities to cause severe damage.

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