How to Persuade Someone to Get a Dog

by A.N. Pike
    There are many positive reasons to get a dog.

    There are many positive reasons to get a dog.

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    Convincing someone to do something is no easy feat. Persuading a person to get a dog takes thought and time. You must make sure that the person likes dogs and is open to the idea of owning a pet. To successfully convince someone to get a dog, you must gather information and outline the benefits of owning an animal. You must also be realistic about what is required of a dog owner, from providing veterinary care to properly feeding and caring for the animal.

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    Make a list of reasons why having a dog would be beneficial to the person you want to persuade. There are a large number of reasons why people decide to get a dog. Many people find that dogs help them combat loneliness. Becoming more social is another reason for owning a dog. Many people find that by taking their dog to the dog park or other dog-friendly places, they meet new people. Other reasons for getting a dog may be to give other household dogs and animals someone to play with, as well as giving children the opportunity to own a pet that they help raise and care for.

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    Research breeds. Suggest breeds of dogs that the potential dog owner might like, taking into consideration what type of person he is and the maintenance requirements of certain breeds. Not all breeds are an ideal fit for every person.

    Step 3

    Volunteer to help with the dog. Families that get a dog easily share the responsibilities of a pet. Even if you do not live with the person, volunteering to take the dog on walks never hurts.

    Step 4

    Be prepared to give a realistic presentation about what it takes to own a dog. Explain about the responsibilities associated with owning a pet, such as veterinary shots, food and general care. Being prepared with this information not only makes the initial stages of owning a dog easier but also shows that you put time and effort into your presentation.


    • List local clinics that offer discount veterinary shots and other services.
    • Check out hypoallergenic dogs for people with allergies.
    • Always make sure that children in the household are responsible and old enough to care for the dog, if the reason for getting the dog is partially because of them.


    • Never lie to the person you want to persuade or trick her into doing something she does not want to do.
    • Convincing a person to get an animal that he does not want may cause grief. The person may end up unhappy with his decision to get a dog and potentially blame you. The person may also end up giving the dog away if he realizes that owning a pet is not what he wants.

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