Are Pine Nuggets Safe for Dog Kennels?

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    Wood chip beddings are prone to splintering, which may harm your pet.

    Wood chip beddings are prone to splintering, which may harm your pet.

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    Selecting a suitable bedding or substrate for your dog’s kennel is a complicated decision. While you want to use a material that is comfortable for your pet and easy for you to maintain, you must choose something safe as well. While pine bark is easy to maintain and provides a reasonably comfortable surface for your pet, your pooch may sustain injuries if he decides to chew on it.

    Potentially Toxic, but Definitely Discouraged

    While most authorities do not consider pine toxic to dogs, the ASPCA lists some pines as toxic. Even if toxins were not a factor, pine mulch does not make an ideal bedding for your pup. Often, dogs who are bored, teething or simply curious will chew on pine bark nuggets. If your dog swallows some of the wood, it may cause intestinal obstructions or other injuries to the digestive system. Even if he does not swallow the bark, the act of chewing often causes the nuggets to splinter. These splinters can cause serious injuries to your dog’s mouth, throat or stomach.

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