Pomapoo Facts

by Tammy Dray
Poodles make up half of the pomapoo genetic makeup.

Poodles make up half of the pomapoo genetic makeup.

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Pomapoos are what's known as a designer dog breed. That means that they are not purebred dogs but instead a breed that was created by mixing two specific breeds. In this case, poodles and pomeranians.

Physical Characteristics

Pomapoos don't always look alike. That's because when you mix two different breeds, you can't expect uniform results. Some pomapoos have curly hair, while others have straight or wavy hair. Weight of adults also varies somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds.


Pomapoos are considered "purse dogs" or lap dogs because they're the perfect size and type to carry around, which is fine, because pomapoos love human company and social interaction. They're also smart, easy to house train and always ready to go for a walk to burn off some energy.

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