How to Prevent Paw Chewing with Dog Socks

by Elle Di Jensen
    Socks are a great solution for your pooch's itchy paws.

    Socks are a great solution for your pooch's itchy paws.

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    If your pooch's paws are itchy, allowing her to chew on them will just irritate them more -- causing them to itch more and prompting her to chew more. It's a vicious cycle, but it's one you can break with some ointment and a pair of dog socks.

    Step 1

    Apply the ointment to the pads of your dog's feet.

    Step 2

    Slip the socks onto your dog's feet, one at a time, taking care not to wipe the ointment off her pads.

    Step 3

    Keep the socks on your dog for at least two hours. Some dogs will tolerate the socks better and will be able to wear them all day. If your dog doesn't take to them well, though, keeping the socks on her for a minimum of two hours will give the ointment time to absorb into your dog's pads and start soothing them.

    Items You Will Need

    • Dog socks
    • Veterinarian-approved anti-itch ointment


    • Only use ointment that your vet has approved as non-toxic to your dog.
    • Dog socks deter your dog from chewing her paws, but they don't treat the issue that is causing her to chew. If your dog is constantly chewing on her paws, especially if they've become raw or are bleeding, take her to the vet. Paw chewing can be a behavioral problem or an issue with allergies, but no matter what is causing your dog to chew her paws the vet will prescribe treatment that will address the medical issue and eliminate the need for your pup to wear stockings.
    • You can buy specialty socks for dogs made with anti-skid grips on the feet or you can just slip a pair of your own socks onto your dog's feet. Since yours aren't made to fit her, you'll need to secure them at the top by wrapping some tape or a rubber band around the cuffs to keep them from slipping down and falling off. Just be sure you don't wrap them so tightly that they are uncomfortable or that her circulation is cut off.

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