Reasons That Dogs Randomly Squeal

by Naomi Millburn
    Keep your doggie's emotional state in check.

    Keep your doggie's emotional state in check.

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    If you have a doggie in your life, then the frustration of not knowing why he's squealing or whining is probably very familiar territory to you. Unfortunately, canines can't answer questions and concerns back in plain English. Random squealing can signify anything from nervousness to the pure need for attention.


    If you notice your sweet pet squealing out of nowhere, then something may have suddenly struck her as frightening. This type of higher-pitched, thin cry is especially common in smaller-sized breeds -- think shih tzu or Maltese dogs, for example. Perhaps she heard a loud thud from the apartment below you. Maybe the look of an imposing character on the television screen surprised her. Although the sound may seem random to you, your little one surely has her reasoning.


    Random squealing also may indicate loneliness in a dog. If a pooch's favorite human member of the household just left for the day, she may squeal and whine as a means to summon said person back to her. A confused dog may be worried that her companion isn't going to return, and the squealing may be a way to "fix" the nerve-racking situation.

    Pain and Discomfort

    A dog may also squeal out of the blue because of pain or other discomfort. Maybe the poor thing stepped on something sharp that fell onto the floor, such as a thumb tack. She also may be suffering from an ailment that may not be apparent to you, whether a severe stomachache or nausea. If your doggie continues squealing and you can't figure out why, take her to the veterinarian for a checkup immediately. The vocalization could very possibly be related to a health situation.


    Your doggie may also resort to squealing and whining as an attention-getting tactic. Say your entire household has gone through a hectic week and no one has had as much time as usual to play or snuggle with Fluffy. Her squealing may be her endearing canine way of saying, "Look at me, guys! I exist, remember? Give me attention!" In other cases, your doggie may just be pleading for more chicken treats, even if you just fed her supper half an hour ago!


    Sometimes doggies squeal when they just can't contain their enthusiasm. If your pet meets you at the door after you've been away from home on a work trip for three days, she's basically telling you she's elated to have you back. Aww.

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