Is It Safe for a Dog to Get Into a Hot Tub?

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    Don't give in to those puppy dog eyes; the hot tub can be dangerous.

    Don't give in to those puppy dog eyes; the hot tub can be dangerous.

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    You may be tempted to let your furry family member hang out with you in the hot tub, but it’s not usually a good idea. Not only can it be dangerous for his health, it makes a furry mess out of your filter that you’ll have to clean up right after. Give him a new toy to play with or feed him his dinner while you’re relaxing instead -- you won’t have to worry about his well-being.

    Temperature Concern

    The problem with the hot tub is that you probably keep it at a very high temperature. When your fur ball comes in for a dip, he can quickly overheat and wind up with a dangerously high body temperature. Eventually this can dehydrate him and affect his vital organs. If you do allow him in, make his soak short and quickly pull him out if he starts panting or has a dark pink or red tongue. These signs let you know that his core body temperature is spiking.

    Other Considerations

    If you really enjoy spending time with your canine companion in the hot tub, lower the temperature a few degrees so it’s closer to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Then give it a day or two to cool down. It should feel warm to you -- not hot.

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