Do Scottish Terrier Dogs Shed?

by Jo Chester
    The Scottish terrier has a wiry, weatherproof coat.

    The Scottish terrier has a wiry, weatherproof coat.

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    Scottish terriers are a short-legged breed of vermin-hunting dog, easily recognized by their wiry coat, bushy eyebrows and mustache. However, they also have a soft, thick undercoat beneath the wiry outer guard hairs. Scottish terriers seasonally shed this undercoat, although they do not shed as much as other breeds.

    Brushing and Combing

    Although dogs with wire-haired coats require little daily grooming, they do shed a small amount of hair on their own. The Scottish Terrier Club of America recommends brushing every couple of days to aid the shedding process and keep the coat free from matting. They also state that some groomers use an undercoat rake on the Scottish terrier coat. An undercoat rake is a specialized comb designed to break up forming mats and remove excess dead hair, preventing mats from forming.

    Hand Stripping

    While the majority of pet Scottish terriers are clipped to retain the breed’s familiar outline, many Scotties have their coats hand stripped. The SCTA describes stripping as being “induced shedding.” Stripping the dog’s coat involves gently pulling the dead hair from the coat, as it would be in the field if it were caught on thorny bushes in the Scottish countryside.

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