Are Service Dogs in Training Allowed at Social Events?

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    You need to expose your pooch-in-training to all kinds of experiences.

    You need to expose your pooch-in-training to all kinds of experiences.

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    The Americans with Disabilities Act provides guidelines as to where you’re allowed to take service animals. But it doesn’t have rules for trainers or their dogs-in-training. Each state government has its own set of rules that outline exactly where you can and can’t take your canine trainee.

    Where to Take Him

    Under ADA provisions, fully trained service animals are allowed in businesses or government offices that serve the public. While many kinds of businesses -- restaurants, malls, parks, offices and more -- should also allow you to bring your dog-in-training to a social event, call ahead and ask to be certain or check with your local government office.

    Places to Avoid

    Some places are inappropriate for service animals -- even after they complete their training. The kitchen at a restaurant, an operating room or a burn unit are just a few of the areas you’ll probably want to avoid while training your service animal. In these special circumstances, a dog could compromise an otherwise sterile area.

    Special Considerations

    No matter what type of social event you’re going to -- a company party, a concert or a baseball game, for example -- the business does not have to provide anything special for your canine trainee. You’re responsible for bringing food, water and bags for cleaning up any mess he leaves behind after going to the bathroom.

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