Shared Personality Traits Between Men & Their Dogs

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    It takes a certain kind of person to love a face like this.

    It takes a certain kind of person to love a face like this.

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    If you think that the men in your life and their dogs have similar personalities, you are half right. They do -- but it's not only men.

    The Parent-Child Connection

    One study at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, cited in "Why Do Adult Dogs Become Like Human Children to Owners?" found that those of us who live with dogs love them the way parents love their children. Deep connections are built through shared experiences. Dog owners are drawn to the similarities they share with their canine "children."

    Breeding Tells

    There are specific personality traits associated with breed categories. For example, Labrador and golden retrievers are friendly and easy to get along with. A 2012 Bath Spa University study used an online questionnaire to match 1,000 owners of purebred dogs with their dog's breed. What the UK university found was that there's a connection between people's personalities and which dog breed they choose.

    Familiarity Doesn't Breed Contempt

    Familiarity tends to encourage the things we have in common. We tend to fall in love with people who are like us at least in some ways, but over time married couples become even more alike. It's the same with our animal companions. Dog owners are drawn to dogs whose personalities are similar to ours, but over the years they spend together, the similarities grow.

    He's Got a Good Personality

    Just like with humans, it's what's inside that counts. You may think a golden retriever beats an English bulldog in the looks department, but consider who you are. if you are an edgy, aggressive type, living in an iffy neighborhood, and you want a no-nonsense type of dog who will keep away intruders, the bulldog is a much better choice.

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