How Often Should I Comb My Short-Haired Dog?

by Bridget Johnson
    Short-haired dogs need a weekly run-through with a soft brush.

    Short-haired dogs need a weekly run-through with a soft brush.

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    Just because your dog lacks long, flowing hair at risk of mats doesn't mean she won't benefit from regular brushing. A short-haired dog still has loose, shed hair you can help comb out; plus a regular grooming session is vital to assess your dog's coat condition and skin health. Count on sitting down with your short-haired dog once a week for a grooming session.

    Grooming a Short-Haired Dog

    If your dog has a smooth, short coat, use a soft brush to work out dead skin, hair and dirt without damaging or irritating her skin. For a smooth finish, try a pumice-stone "brush," like those sold for rabbits and other small animals, to draw out loose hair like a magnet while giving your dog a gentle massage. If a brush or comb causes your dog discomfort or irritation, switch to one with gentler bristles. If your short-haired dog has a dense, thick coat, brush through first with a mat rake or slicker brush to work out any tangles, then move on to a bristle brush to sweep up loose hair. During your weekly brushing session, check your dog's skin for any bumps or redness and inspect the coat for any flea grit left behind by unwelcome visitors.

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