How to Stop Dogs From Digging Up Cable Lines

by Sandra Ketcham
    Fix the cause of your dog's digging to stop the behavior.

    Fix the cause of your dog's digging to stop the behavior.

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    If your dog's digging up your cable lines and turning your backyard into a minefield, you must stop the behavior quickly. Boredom, loneliness and a natural urge to hunt all play a role in digging, and you need to determine the cause of your pup's behavior in order to stop it. In the meantime, take measures to protect your lines and your backyard from your pooch's paws. Consult your vet if you can't get your dog's behavior under control.

    Step 1

    Give your pooch plenty of time and attention throughout the day. If he's lonely, the increased attention should calm down his digging. Set aside some time once or twice each day to play fetch or tug-of-war, and don't leave him alone for long periods.

    Step 2

    Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. Offer him supervised play time in your backyard, take him for frequent walks and look into dog parks in your area. If your pup's cooped up inside all day, consider hiring a dog walker or neighborhood kid to take him out. Exercise is important for both mental and physical stimulation and will burn excess energy that your pup might be using for digging.

    Step 3

    Fence off the area where your cable lines are buried. Sometimes, dogs dig up cables (or tree roots or rocks) because they are attempting to catch burrowing animals or are pretending to do so. This is natural behavior and the easiest means of stopping it is to prevent your dog from gaining access to the cables.

    Step 4

    Cover the cable lines with chicken wire, followed by a layer of soil and then a topping of rocks. This will make it difficult or impossible for your dog to dig in the area. Check the area periodically and replace missing rocks.

    Step 5

    Install motion-activated sprinklers and direct them at your cable lines. When your dog approaches the cables, he'll trigger the sprinklers. It usually only takes a spray or two to deter most dogs from trying again.

    Step 6

    Designate a special place in your yard for digging. Border the area with a fence or rocks and fill it with loose dirt or soil. For extra fun, bury some toys or others goodies in the soil. Praise your pup for digging in the appropriate area of your yard.

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