How to Stop a Puppy From Jumping on Kitchen Chairs

by Stephanie Dube Dwilson
    Your puppy wants to be close to you, even at dinner time.

    Your puppy wants to be close to you, even at dinner time.

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    Puppies jump on kitchen chairs to be close to the action, whether it is attention from you or the chance to snag a treat. Kitchen chairs can sometimes be a little easier for a puppy, who is still working on his coordination, to climb into than a deep, soft couch or chair. Whatever his reasons, you want to teach your puppy that the kitchen chairs are for human family only. Even if you don't mind him getting on other furniture in your home, for hygiene reasons, you probably want to declare the kitchen chairs off-limits.

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    Explain the rules to everyone in your household. The problem with puppies is they are so cute that bad behavior is often ignored, or worse, laughed at. Before you begin the process of training your puppy to stay off the kitchen chairs, make sure everyone that lives in the house knows the puppy is not permitted in the chairs and how to respond if they see him in the chair.

    Step 2

    Keep the kitchen chairs pushed into the table. This simple gesture may be enough to make it difficult for your puppy to climb into the chair, thus stopping the behavior before the bad habit develops.

    Step 3

    Supervise your puppy closely. During this period of time, when your puppy is learning to go outside to use the bathroom and not chew up all your possessions, supervision is very important. By keeping an eye on your pup, you can get to him quickly and stop him before he gets in the chair.

    Step 4

    Pick your puppy up and put him somewhere else whenever he tries to get into the kitchen chair. If likes to get into the chair to lie down, fix him a soft spot to lie in the corner of the kitchen and move him there. If he likes to be in the chair so he can see what is going on, bring him closer to you and chat with him while you work in the kitchen. If he is bumming food while you eat, shut him in his crate or a puppy-safe room before you serve the meal.

    Step 5

    Booby trap the chairs. If your puppy is persistent about climbing in the chairs, after you have shown him other spots he can hang out, you may need to discipline him lightly. Set empty soda cans in the kitchen chairs so when your puppy goes to climb into the chair, he will send the soda cans cascading down. The empty soda cans will not hurt him, but will startle him into staying away from the chair. It may take a few times, but he will quickly learn not to jump or climb into the chairs. If you have a particularly nervous or sensitive puppy, you should avoid using this method of training on your puppy. For the nervous puppy, continue to move and redirect him when he approaches the chair.

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