How to Teach a Hyper Dog

by Amy Hunter
    Hyper dogs require an active lifestyle to be on their best behavior.

    Hyper dogs require an active lifestyle to be on their best behavior.

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    Hyper dogs can be a lot of fun, their never-ending enthusiasm and drive just what you need to brighten up a long day. However, training one can be a real challenge. Dogs who are hyper have trouble concentrating on what you ask them to do, and would often rather watch the world go by than sit or lie down on command. While a hyper dog may try your patience, it is important to remain calm while working with your dog. Getting angry, loud or aggressive will not make him listen any better.

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    Exercise your dog. All dogs need daily exercise, but the hyper dog will benefit from it even more. Take regular walks, and play high-energy games like fetch to work off excess energy before expecting your pup to buckle down for serious training.

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    Keep training high energy. When your working with your hyper dog, keep him focused on you by varying the speed you move, the commands you give him and even the patterns you walk. Don't settle into a routine, where you practice the recall for 5 minutes, then the down/stay three times. Switch things up and move rapidly from one exercise to the next.

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    Use short training sessions. Short, frequent training sessions will help your dog stay focused, and you will be surprised at how much he can learn in two or three 10-minute sessions each day.

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    Reward your dog generously. Pats, treats and generous praise will keep your pup focused on you and eager to learn. If he misbehaves, refrain from punishment and harsh words, just keep the energy level up to regain his attention. Aggressive, loud and punitive reactions will not encourage your dog to behave.

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