How to Tell the Difference Between a Tick & a Wart on My Dog

by Cindy Quarters
    Get down close to your dog and take a good look at the bump you’ve found.

    Get down close to your dog and take a good look at the bump you’ve found.

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    When you’re petting your dog and you feel a bump, it’s natural to take a peek, but looking won’t always tell you what it is right away. At a glance you may not see any difference between a tick and a wart, but a closer inspection can tell you a lot. You may need a magnifying glass to see all the details, and sometimes a flashlight can help as well.


    If your dog has a wart it’s likely going to be the same color as your pet’s skin or a very pale yellow-white color. It will probably be sticking up and may have a cauliflower appearance to it, especially on top. If it’s a tick you’ll spot its legs tucked up against its body. You can also see where its head disappears into your dog’s skin. A tick that has been there awhile will grow as it feeds on your dog’s blood, swelling noticeably over the course of a few days, making identification even easier.

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