Tick Hiding Places on Dogs

by Rob Harris
    Ticks definitely have the "ick" factor.

    Ticks definitely have the "ick" factor.

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    Ticks start out fairly small, but they're easier to see than fleas unless your dog has long hair. Their bodies stretch and grow as they gorge themselves on your dog's blood, but you can find them before they get too much of their gruesome treat by knowing where to look on your dog's body after a romp in the rough.

    Where to Look

    Ticks can attach anywhere on your dog's body, but most prefer dark hiding places. Check places you wouldn't normally think of, such as between your dog's toes. Ticks also hide inside and around a dog's ears. Turn him over to look in other hidden spots, such as where his legs meet his body and around his groin area, including under his tail. Remove ticks by grasping their heads with tweezers and pulling them out -- ticks carry diseases such as Lyme disease, which they pass through their saliva. Too many ticks can cause other issues in your dog, including anemia and nervous-system malfunction.

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