Uses of Hydroxyzine for Dogs

by Pamela Meadors
    Allegens leave this pup needing more than a scratch.

    Allegens leave this pup needing more than a scratch.

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    An itchy dog is an unhappy dog. When Fido is suffering an allergic reaction to something in his environment, the itching, redness, skin irritation and constant scratching can leave his skin raw and his human, very frustrated. Fortunately, depending on the cause, a veterinarian can provide several remedies, including oral antihistamines such as hydroxyzine.

    Hydroxyzine Usage in Dogs

    Hydroxyzine is an prescription-only oral antihistamine given to dogs suffering from allergen mediated skin problems. It blocks the body's histamine response, thus reducing skin itching, redness and inflammation. Usually dosed two or three times daily, consistency is key to success with this medication. In rare cases, this drug may be prescribed for anxiety due to its sedative effect. While relatively safe, paradoxical excitation -- increased anxiety and muscle tremors in dogs -- has been recorded. In rare cases, seizures can result from usage of hydroxyzine and may require a dosage change or discontinuation of the medication.

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