Do Yorkie Terriers Shed a Lot?

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    Even though Yorkies are ideal apartment pets, they need daily outdoor exercise.

    Even though Yorkies are ideal apartment pets, they need daily outdoor exercise.

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    Yorkshire terriers make desirable pets for people with allergies because of the relatively low amount of dander they produce. Combined with a big personality in a portable little body, Yorkies have made the American Kennel Club's list of the top 10 most popular breeds for more than a decade.

    Yorkie Hair Care

    The Yorkie is ideal for indoor living. You'll find few to no hairs left behind on the furniture after he's been in attendance. Even though he sheds less dander and hair, he needs regular grooming to keep him clean and tangle-free. His long, flowing hair needs daily combing and brushing. Keep a Yorkie in a short clip to minimize grooming. Bathe him once a week to once a month, depending on your dog's individual needs.

    The Allergy-Free Myth

    Although Yorkies are sometimes sold as hypoallergenic pets, there's no such thing as a completely allergy-free dog. Scientific studies find little difference in the amount of the major dog allergen Can f 1 shed between breeds except Laborador retrievers. Male animals shed more of the allergen than females. The amount of seborrhea or skin flakes also affects the amount of allergen released. Yorkies generally have less seborrhea, but spend time with an individual dog before purchasing him to make sure you don't have a reaction. Once he's home, regular bathing, coat conditioners and good nutrition will help keep your pet's skin flaking to a minimum.

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